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About Mechanical Bull Rentals Montréal

Biggest and Best in Canada

As Québec's biggest supplier of Mechanical Bulls rentals, with the largest inventory in Canada, Mechanical Bull Rentals Montréal/Checkers Fun Factory is your best choice.

Our experience, licensed staff will deliver, set-up and remove the bull across Québec, and supervise its operations throughout your event. Moreover, with satellite tracking on our trucks, fully-licensed and inspected bulls, and the experience of the biggest supplier in Québec, your safety and peace of mind is top on our list.

When you want the best, Checkers Fun Factory is your best choice!
Photo Booths
Dunk Tanks
Inflatable Bouncy Castles
Sports Games
• and Much More.
Plus Catering and Fun Foods

About Mechanical Bull Rentals Montréal and Checkers Fun Factory, the largest supplier of Mechanical Bull Rentals in Canada
Ride'em cowboy!
Do you have what it takes to last? Can this wild beast ever be tamed? Our industrial quality Mechanical bull will keep your event flying!

We Rent More Mechanical Bulls than anyone else in Canada!!

Mechanical Bull Rental Montreal.ca is proud to offer you the best quality equiptment at the best prices around.